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Across the country there are hundreds of thousands of veterans not registered to vote. Veterans have a powerful voice in the political process, by registering to vote and engaging in the process, veterans can change their communities and the country.

Our Values is focusing on registering veterans to vote and helping to give them a voice. If you are a veteran not registered to vote, please get registered today.

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The Clarion Project

Clarion Project challenges radical Islam and promotes human rights. We focus on the United States but also Islamist extremism in the Middle East and Europe.

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Center for Security                     Policy

Works to identify challenges and opportunities likely to affect American security, broadly defined, and to act promptly and creatively to ensure that they are the subject of focused national examination and effective action.

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Our Values-Giving Veterans a Voice

There is an urgent need for citizens to get involved and help get Veterans registered to vote.  The Veterans who have risked everything to defend and protect this country deserve a voice and their vote is critical to our country.   

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     Act for America

ClACT for America is committed to recruiting, training, and mobilizing citizens community by community to help protect and preserve American culture and to keep this nation safe.

ACT for America stands ready to take effective action as the only national security grassroots organization in America. If each of us does just a little, together we can accomplish a lot. 

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Heritage Defenders

Dedicated to Planting Seeds of Truth

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Wise Guest Speakers

We focus on providing our fellow citizens with wise, informed guest speakers intent on sharing their valuable knowledge with fellow citizens.

Printed Materials

Our members receive monthly updates containing important information that is not offered in local media.  This information is available at our monthly meetings.
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Monthly Fellowship Meetings

Our members benefit from Monthly Meetings offering fellowship,  sharing of information, support for fellow members, and time to pray for our fellow citizens and communities.

Community Service

Members often volunteer to participate in community events such as parades, voter registration drives, meeting with the legislature, and meeting with county commissioners.

Accomplishments in the first quarter of 2017

Our  group really worked hard to educate the audit committee regarding violations that occurred in 2012 and 2015 and creating awareness among citizens.   Factual information was gathered by our group and other stakeholders. and provided to the committee.